About Us

Every Startup will be having a vision to be a great conglomerate one day.

WannaBuy® is one such startup with a great vision in its core idea of Reverse Engineering.

WannaBuy® is a brand of Vannaby Technologies Pvt Ltd, started with potential and creative way of putting the buying factor easy with its unique idea executed as a novelty product.

WannaBuy will bring the product directly to the buyer’s exact requirement instantly.

WannaBuy is started with the simplest way of focusing Buyers portfolio with great privacy and unique way of buying from the true serious sellers on perfectly requirement-synced product, this is the Mantra here.

The novelty idea of doing things - with unique concept of data & services by which the process will yield the perfect product to the Buyers and the Sellers globally.

How WannaBuy app works

  • Select Category

    Select the Property Type & Post Your Requirements

  • Select Location

    Choose Your Cities & Areas to Buy Properties

  • Dashboard

    search & Find Matches with your Exact Requirements For Buy & Sell

  • Buy/Rent Property

    Select Buy or Rent to post your requirements

  • Specific Results

    Area & Budget wise Accurate Results

Why & What is Wannbuy?

Buying a house or commercial office or starting a factory or even a vehicle or any product , the thought of BUYING always comes with great dream , emotion, lifetime aim and expectation. Here at WannaBuy we deeply understand that every buyer's requirement is unique like their finger print- still our AI will match that unique list by its accurate filter matching with superb precision match. No more data searching , on field slogging, tele-calling , or cross fingers with hope and wild guess. WannaBuy will bring the product directly and instantly to the Buyer's matching requirement . WannaBuy lists the buyer requirements in category wise and seller will find the matching requirement and post the Ad only for the matching requirement. Buyer's listing and seller's product- both will be worked with most precision match making Algorithm. WannaBuy is going to be the greatest boon and best time saver for the Buyers.

WannaBuy®-An Exclusive BUYERS' ONLY Listing Portal.

WannaBuy®: India’s Best Real Estate App to find Property Buyers & Tenants

Want to know the best Real Estate App in India for buying Residential, Commercial, Industrial, or other category property? Well, the answer is direct but needs explanation. Most of us know the value of investing in real estate or purchasing properties to get the best returns. But this might not be the case for the majority of people in India as sweeps of lower and upper-middle-class folks are always searching for lands and apartments for inhabitation. They might be looking to rent, sell, or buy a property(s). Let be it any purpose, the move to buy a real estate property is a wise one. It is also a difficult one as the estate is the most expensive thing a person owns in his lifetime. It also takes a lifetime of savings to buy an estate property, be it your dream home, office space, or commercial establishment.

The decision to make such a daunting purchase is overwhelming for people. They are constantly on the lookout for a property as per their needs, and also in their affordable range. To find such estate in earlier times, people used to heavily rely on Realtors and Agents. But such is not the case today, as you can see many Real Estate Mobile Apps on Android phones where you can search for and buy a property. Not just for home purchases, people also look for commercial property purchases at some of the top Commercial Real Estate apps on Android. They perform Property Searches on some of the Top Real Estate Apps in the country. In this article, we will brief you on what a Real Estate Mobile app means and does, the associated benefits of such apps, and which is the best real estate app to download in India.

What is a Real Estate App?

A Real Estate App is simply a mobile application that facilitates most aspects of the land property or real estate industry of India. A Property Buyer can engage in property search, purchase, sale, rent, lease, etc., on a Real Estate Mobile app. You can think of a Real Estate app as a digital platform to connect related entities and provide them with tools to streamline search transactions as well as facilitate interactions :

  • • Property Buyers
  • • Sellers
  • • Renters
  • • Agents
  • • Developers

Key features of Real Estate Apps typically include Property Listings of available properties for sale and renting purposes, advanced search filters to find properties as per specifications, map integration to visualize properties and explore the surrounding areas, high-quality visuals to gain a realistic view of the property, etc. You will also find the Agent’s or Owner’s contact information to inquire about properties, instant notifications about new listings & price changes, the ability to save favorite properties for a future purchase, a mortgage calculator to estimate monthly mortgage payments, and at last, other user’s reviews and ratings regarding properties and agents/realtors.

Every real estate app is different in terms of its features catering to a target audience and intended geographic region. Such Apps are based on different business models developed by Real Estate Agencies. These property portals can also operate as an independent platform catering to a broad market, which plays a crucial role in modernizing and digitizing India’s real estate industry. These mobile apps make property listings more accessible and transactions more efficient and transparent for buyers.

Benefits of using Real Estate App for searching & buying Properties in India

We all want to use the best Real Estate Mobile App for buying property in India, be it commercial or residential, and there are several benefits to it. The first major benefit is convenience. Buyers can search for properties on the real estate app using smartphones and tablets. One does not need to visit multiple physical locations or hunt for properties in newspaper classified Ads.

These apps have extensive listings of available properties for sale as well as rent. You will find residential, commercial, and land properties with a wide range of choices to suit your preferences and budget. Real Estate Apps have advanced search filters that aid the user in narrowing down their search as per their preferred location, price range, property & amenity types, etc. You can easily find properties on such apps that meet your requirements.

The real estate apps are maps-integrated for users to visualize listed properties geographically. Maps enable you to explore the surrounding area. You can assess the proximity of property to schools, hospitals, transportation stations, etc. Such options help people make better-informed decisions regarding property purchases. These apps render high-resolution images and videos of listed properties. Users have a realistic view of the interiors as well as exteriors of the properties and their amenities. All this functionality aids in significantly influencing your decision-making process.

Real Estate Apps streamline your property search by providing comprehensive information and save you time and money from physically visiting properties or engaging with Brokers. The personalized experience is catered to user preferences and search history. We use your search history to recommend properties that can be of interest to you. This move also enhances the overall user experience.

You also receive instant notifications about new listings as well as price drops, and other updates on real estate apps. These notifications are suggested as per the saved searches and user preferences. With such memos, users can stay informed about the latest opportunities in the estate market. Every Real Estate App is a transparent transaction medium, which provides detailed information about land properties, such as the following to reduce the risk of fraudulent activities:

  • • Pricing
  • • Specifications
  • • Legal Documentation

Almost anyone can use Real Estate Apps. These apps are available for Android as well as iOS users. These users can be living in remote or urban areas. They may be physically disabled to move but can participate in the search and purchase of property in the market effectively. A good Real Estate mobile app for searching and buying property in India offers convenience to its users. They can effectively surf through the listed properties in a transparent and personalized manner. This makes the property search and decision-making process smoother for users.

Why choose the WannaBuy® Real Estate App for Property Buyers & Tenants in India?

To make you understand in the simplest terms, WannaBuy is the reverse flow real estate app in which the Sellers / Owners reach out to the Buyers/Tenants. Here, the sellers will search the Buyers’/ Tenants’ requirement listing as per their preferred location, price, and property category.

WannaBuy is one of the best Real Estate Mobile apps for Buyers searching for Commercial as well as Housing Properties. As a top Real Estate Mobile App in Android in India, WannaBuy enables Sellers to search for Buyers matching their requirements.

Key Features of the Wanna-Property (WannaBuy’s Real Estate App)

Our WannaProperty portal at WannaBuy includes the following key features:

  • • Access to Registered Users
  • • Detailed & Diverse Buyers’ Listings
  • • Advanced Search Filters & to find the Buyers
  • • High-quality Requirement Listings posted by Buyers
  • • Detailed Property Requirement
  • • Option for Saving Favorites & Receiving Notifications
  • • Reviews and Ratings
  • • Contact Information of Agents/Brokers/Owners
  • • Proper Feedback Mechanism
  • • Strict Adherence to User Security and Privacy Protocols
  • • Real Estate Portals Integration
  • • Social Sharing & In-App Messaging

About Wanna Property

WannaBuy starts Wanna-Property which allows users to create accounts on the App to get a personalized experience. WannaProperty provides comprehensive property requirement listings for purchase and rent purposes. The listing category comes in the following categories:

  • • Residential
  • • Commercial
  • • Industrial
  • • Institutional
  • • PG / Guest House
  • • Farmland
  • • Rental Income
  • • WannaJV ( Joint Ventures for Builders / Promoters)
  • • WannaContract ( To self-develop the Property through Contractors)

WannaBuy also allows the users to list their requirements on Rental in all the mentioned categories. Users can use advanced filters on the WannaBuy app to narrow down their Buyers’ search as per the preferred location and price range keeping in mind the property type & amenities.

One of the special features of the WannaBuy app is to integrate maps to allow users to visualize their interest properties geographically. With maps, they can understand the neighborhood better. We encourage sellers to use high-resolution images and videos of their properties which give users a better understanding of their interested estate. Every requirement listed on WannaBuy is detailed in its description, which includes the complete requirements on property size, room count, amenities, facilities, etc. Users can also save their favorite requirements for future action.

At WannaBuy, Users are sellers who receive notifications about new Buyers' listings, Property Prices as well as Buyers' Budgets if they register their property accordingly. The Sellers/Users will also receive updates as per their property preferences. As a Buyer, users will receive notifications on matching properties, as per their unique requirements. Users can also leave reviews, reports, and ratings about properties or requirement listings to help other property sellers/seekers make informed decisions.

Users will find detailed contact information of listing agents as well as Property Buyers to get in touch for more inquiries. They can schedule viewings as per their matching requirements. Users can chat only through an in-app chat mechanism. Unless the user shares his or her contact info, WannaBuy will divulge their details to any party. All of the Buyers' as well as Users' contact information is private and non-sharable as we ensure 100% privacy for Buyers and Sellers (Our App Users).

WannaBuy has an offline feature for users to access information about Buyers' Requirements and their listings when they are offline. They can save properties for later offline viewing. We promote and implement a strong feedback system for our users to provide suggestions or report any grievances they encounter with the WannaBuy app. Security and Privacy of users’ information is paramount to us. We ensure robust security measures to protect your data as it is sensitive information in real estate transactions.

WannaBuy is the World’s Exclusive first and only portal for Buyers to list their requirements as a listing. WannaProperty is a unique Real Estate App known for searching and buying properties online in India. We are a carefully planned-out robust app with periodic maintenance which ensures a perennially seamless experience for our users and keeps them up-and-about with current market trends and user demands.